Senior Guy | Gavin

Senior Guy

Your Senior guy may not love the idea of having his senior portraits taken but you should not ignore this milestone! The next time he has his photographs taken by a professional may be many years down the road. Senior portraits are the perfect excuse to set your senior down in front of the camera.

Part I

It’s August of 2020 and the warm Spokane summer sun is setting on the campus of Central Valley High School. A gentle breeze keeps the temperature a pleasant 75 degrees. I pulled into the back of the school overlooking one of the athletic fields and load all of my equipment into a blue collapsible wheeled caddy. This caddy has been a life saver as I tend to overpack for literally everything in my life. The caddy, loaded with 100 lbs of gear lumbers slowly through the tuffs of grass as I cross the athletic field toward the baseball stadium. Walking in the distance is a young man and his family. They are carrying typical baseball gear. We greet one another and begin our session.

Gavin is an especially pleasant and smiley person. We spent about an hour doing photographs behind the school, near the field, and in the bleachers. We add some “action” photographs and the look of determination on Gavin’s face as he strikes the ball with his bat turns out to be my favorite photograph in the series. This first part has been a success.

Part II

For the second half of our session, we leave Central Valley and meander toward the Spokane River. The sun is much lower in the sky and dipping gently toward the water. We quickly park, change clothing and head toward a rocky outcropping in front of the setting sun. A young family are 100 yards away with another photographer taking advantage of the same location. Apparently, we are in the right place. Using the rocks as a stool, Gavin sits at the river’s edge for his final photographs.

As we talk about his future plans, I offer to take a few more photographs of Gavin and his family. I always try to talk parents into at least one or two photographs with their senior. Who knows how long it will be until this opportunity presents itself again. Thankfully, they take me up on my offer. After some additional instruction, we exchange pleasantries and I load up all of that gear and head out completing another successful senior session.

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Biggest Complaints & Senior Portraits

Biggest Complaints

Do you want to know one of the biggest complaints that I hear from clients about big name photography studios in the Spokane/ CDA area?  Shhh, it’s a little dirty secret.  The biggest complaint is how we treat you during the process.  Not only do I do the same thing at a fraction of the price, I treat you like you deserve, a VIP. You believe a good photographer will be responsive and get back to you quickly. Guess what?  I agree with you.  It’s one of the reasons that I am a small boutique firm.  I think that when you book an appointment with me that you deserve a few things. Additionally, I believe that you should get my freshest, most creative efforts for your newborn, child, senior, or family appointment.

Say No to Cookie Cutter Portraits

I don’t do ANYTHING cookie cutter.  The minute I start to do that I will be OUT of this business. You have so many choices for photographers in this area because the competition for me is fierce. Being excellent at my job as a photographer isn’t only about good photos. In other words, you should be able to book an appointment not 6 months out but in a reasonable period of time and have your questions answered quickly and efficiently.  Neither one of us has time to waste!  I believe you should have your proof available in about a week (not weeks or months).  Finally, I believe that once you have selected your proofs, you should have them in hand in a super short amount of time!  On average my clients have soft-edited proofs in 7-10 days and have fully edited images or prints in hand in 2-3 weeks.

Senior Girl Portraits

Spokane Valley 2020 Graduate Claire met up with me for a portrait session in Spokane Valley. Claire will graduate this June. All photographs from this session are taken with a Canon 5D Mark II. This senior session is no exception, not only is it completely tailored to Claire, the images were ready for viewing in a very short turn around time! Check out more of my seniors here and here!

All Images Copyright Tami Siriani Photography 2021
Liberty Lake & Spokane Valley, WA

Maternity & Newborn, Children, Family, Senior Portraits, Headshots, School Portraits

Helpful Info for Senior Styling

Senior Styling Tips

To make the most of your senior styling during your session, pay attention to the tips below. Your senior session should be styled to show case YOU. It should be your style. When planning your outfits, think about how you would describe your style to someone else and then add one extra detail!

The make the most of your session, plan to include at least THREE outfits. The first outfits should be casual, or described as street clothes. The second outfit should be formal, and the final outfit should be one that demonstrates your personality.

Casual Ideas for Girls

The casual style is the simplest way to dress for your session. Wear something that is fun and flirty.

  • Jeans, a blouse, tennis shoes
  • Shorts, T, sandals
  • Dress with simple neckline, jewelry, sandals

Casual Ideas for Guys

The casual style is easy for men, simply wear what you feel comfortable in making sure you take into consideration the dos and don’ts listed in this article.

  • Jeans, T-Shirt, Crew Neck Shirt, Tennis Shoes
  • Shorts, Polo, Boat Shoes
  • Jeans, Sweatshirt, Leather Jacket

Formal Ideas for Girls

  • Black pants, sweater, heals
  • Dark Denim, T-shirt, blazer, boots
  • Dress with nice jewelry, heals or sandals
  • Romper with a wedge

Formal Ideas for Guys

  • Dark pants, structured shirt, dress shoe
  • Dark Denim, V-neck T-shirt, blazer
  • Black pants, button down shirt, tie, dress shoes

Your Style Girls

This may be the most important category because it is were you really show off your own style in your clothing and accessories. Your personality should shine through in your wardrobe choices.

  • Athletic Uniforms
  • Demonstrate hobbies
  • Musical instruments
  • Cultural Dress

Styling & Planning

  • Plan to dress head to toe, think about the entire outfit
  • Pay attention to foot wear!
  • Pick things you love to wear that are you
  • Layer your outfit (this is a big one)
  • Plan ahead with your hair (avoid a new cut within 1-2 weeks of your appointment)
  • Accessorize (jewelry, belts, hats, etc)
  • Makeup (keep it normal don’t do anything too far from your normal)
  • Bring Powder for blotting shiny skin
  • Bring Props (even a great bag or sunglasses can improve a shot)
  • Press your clothing!
  • RELAX, this will be fun!

Styling & Planning “Don’ts”

  • Don’t wear anything tight or uncomfortable, it will be obvious
  • Don’t wear anything too comfortable (you don’t want to look sloppy)
  • No Glitter or gloss (shiny surfaces catch the light)
  • No tank tops for guys
  • No overly branded or high graphic clothing (Don’t be a walking billboard for a clothing company)

Check out this article on What to Wear with loads of examples and ideas.

All Images Copyright Tami Siriani Photography 2021
Liberty Lake & Spokane Valley, WA

Maternity & Newborn, Children, Family, Senior Portraits, Headshots, School Portraits

Booking Now

Baby Photos

First Year

Baby photos…

Booking a baby photos with me is so fun and easy! There are lots of different types of sessions you can schedule. A first birthday cake smash is a classic first birthday set up. I have lots of examples of this on the blog. Here is one during the Christmas holiday. Alternatively, you can capture some baby photos during your family sessions like this family or this family. A complete fantasy setup is always a pleasure as well, book in my home studio. Click here for a princess setup. I have many example of baby photo ideas on this blog. You could also do a less formal session like a lifestyle session. You can see an example of this type of session in this blog post: First Year Baby H. or another session with Baby H called: Baby’s Big Day. Additionaly, find a gallery of images on my website.

baby photos birthday
Hungry Caterpillar Themed Session

Document your baby’s first year by booking sessions individually or plan ahead with a series of photos that includes photos, digitals, and announcements. Check out the Baby Photo Plans for details.

Cake Smash Baby Photos
Baby Photos Cake Smash

 How does the process work?

I love to use props that represent you and your family when appropriate.  Please feel free to bring athletic gear, instruments, or meaningful objects. If you have small children, please be sure to bring a small snack, drink (clear liquid) and a comfort item or favorite toy.  

baby photo

The End Product

The extraordinary images produced by a custom photography session are meant to be treasured for a lifetime.  Whether you share prints, create multimedia displays or and use them to decorate the wall of your home, these images are sure to bring a smile to your face.  It is a pleasure to provide professional high quality prints. The quality of a professional print exposed on light sensitive paper is a superior product to what you can print yourself. The end result of professional printing is rich color, expanded choices from size to textures and specialty coating to protect your photographs.  Create an artistic display for your home that you will blend seamlessly with your decor and show off your unique family. 

Digital images may be printed at any printer of your choice with the signed print release. Please note that the quality of the print is greatly affected by the printer you chose.  Additionally, I can provide superior, high quality prints. I suggest printing your images in luster or matte finish as it provides the most attractive end product. 

Tami Siriani
Liberty Lake, WA & Spokane Valley, WA based portrait photographer
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Sunset Senior Portraits in Spokane Valley, WA

Senior Portraits with Sayla

This past summer I met with Spokane Valley, WA senior Sayla for her senior portraits. Sayla’s family and I have been acquainted for probably six years as I was fortunate enough to photograph her sister Tess’ senior portraits (Gallery Below). I also photographed her with the extended family this summer. Repeat clients are the BEST!!! It was great meeting Sayla. I wish her all the success and joy in her bright future! This is one of my very popular day to night sessions. It begins at sunset and goes into the early evening which allows the dynamic night portraits. You can see more of these types of sessions here on my blog. Take a look at Katherine’s Session, Garrick’s Session, or one of my favorite sessions of all times with Cason.

Sayla | Spokane Valley, WA Senior by Tami Siriani Photography
Sayla | Spokane Valley, WA Senior by Tami Siriani Photography

Spokane Valley Senior Portraits

Did you know that I’ve been providing seniors in the Spokane area with high quality portraits for over ten years? If you scroll through my blog, you will see that I put the same attention to detail into every single one of my clients! Additionally, I spend a great deal of effort into flattering my subject. From the detailed posing instruction to the rich finished color, I am cautious with editing to give you flawless skin that does not look over processed.

How can you tell if your are booking a photographer who will consistently deliver? Look at their blog for a large number of photographs of ONE person. Are all of the photographs in focus? Do the photographs have consistent color? What do the posing and backgrounds look like in the complete session? Are the photographs edited well? A great photograph can be ruined if the editing is obvious. Skin smoothing and touch ups can be over done. Finding a photographer who can consistently deliver a good product is important. For more tips on booking a Spokane Valley photographer check out this article.

I provide unique personalized senior portraits and believe it or not, now is the time to book your appointment for Summer 2021. Don’t wait to book, appointments fill up quickly! Contact me about senior portraits today.

All Images Copyright Tami Siriani Photography 2021
Liberty Lake & Spokane Valley, WA

Maternity & Newborn, Children, Family, Senior Portraits, Headshots, School Portraits