Fall Mini Sessions Spokane Valley Photographer

The Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions are the best! We are having a vibrant and unusual Fall in Spokane Valley this year! What a delight it was to be able to photograph so many families during last years Fall Mini Portraits! It makes me look forward to this year! It is the perfect opportunity to see returning clients (oh how I love you returning clients) and meet some new incredible families! This year’s session is schedule for October 9, 2021 at Minnehaha Park. This park is extraordinary for fall colors as it is a wash of yellow with spectacular light this time of year.

mini sessions

Senior Portraits for Landon

This is rundown of the process of senior portraits for Landon, he is a 2021 Spokane Valley graduate. As you can see Landon is a man of many talents and interests. He is a cellist, a theater buff, a lifeguard, and a Harry Potter Fan. Landon chose Coeur D’ Alene, ID as the location for his senior portraits because it provides unparalleled views of large trees, such lawns, and of course the lake.


The process of working with Tami Siriani is simple and painless. First, the task of the initial consultation. During the consultation I will answer your questions, book your appointment and plan the session from where to go to what to wear. Shortly after the consultation a contract will arrive in your mail inbox. Fill out the electronic contract and click submit. Next, we meet up for your session, I collect your payment, and the magic happens! Within a relatively short period, you will get an email with a link to the online gallery. When the link arrives, you will have the ability to download the high resolution digital images that you have already purchased, add any additional images, prints, canvases, or products.


Godox Review

Godox Lights Review

These lovely ladies helped me work out some bugs with my new Godox equipment. I recently saved up and purchased the Godox AD600pro with the Godox Deep Parabolic Umbrella and wow it is an incredible light. Yes, I work with lights, it’s what makes these photos pop with color and gives that crisp image. The Godox is incredible because it allows for high speed sync and has a built in battery and a many other excellent features. I purposely decided to shoot in the direct mid-day sun, normally a no no for photographers because it is so harsh. I wanted to see how these new lights would hold up in those conditions. The results speak for themselves.

Thank you to models Jayme and Kenna for helping me work out the bugs in my system and giving me something beautiful to photograph!


Reasons You Need New Headshots

Good Headshots Can Make All The Difference 

Good headshots can really make all the difference. You know what they say about first impressions.  Like your customer, you probably head to the internet for more information when researching a business.  Increasingly, a solid presence on the web is crucial for your business. 

We are a visual culture and according to research  60% of people researching online will choose a company that includes photographs on the corporate website.  That means over half of people make a decision on whether to do business with you based on an image. 

How Important Are Professional Headshots?

Business decisions are made in a few seconds using the photographs on your website. If you have outdated or low quality photographs, your competitor already has the advantage. It is the first connection with your customer. I know you may be tempted to pull out your cell phone and take a couple of quick shots; however, is this really the place to save money?