Trucks & Grads- Pt 1 | Spokane Valley Senior Photography | Tami Siriani

CASON #spokanesenior19

This session with Cason and his truck has to be one of my favorite sessions of all time!  I am always trying to talk clients into doing photographs that are out of the box.  Occasionally, I work with someone that will listen to my crazy suggestion and then trust me to execute them!  Cason was up for some crazy fun and willing to go with me when I suggested we take his truck four-wheeling here in the Valley for his Senior portraits. We drove all over the hills in the Valley for the perfect shots!

It had been months of smokey skies the day before we shot this session.  I told Cason’s mom that we may have to give up our hope of city lights.  I went to bed trying to figure out an alternative plan that would give the “bang” that I was trying to deliver.   The winds blustered all night and we even got a light rain, (bringing on a fresh new set of concerns).  Then morning came. It was clear, a spectacular day with sunsets that I dream about! What a sight!  We finished up the night with some sunset shots over the Valley with his beautiful girl and then the cherry on top- city lights.  We added a red flash under the truck for an extra dash of awesome!  Thanks Cason for letting me play with your truck and being a good sport!