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Senior Portraits for Landon

This is rundown of the process of senior portraits for Landon, he is a 2021 Spokane Valley graduate. As you can see Landon is a man of many talents and interests. He is a cellist, a theater buff, a lifeguard, and a Harry Potter Fan. Landon chose Coeur D’ Alene, ID as the location for… Read more »

CVHS 2021 Grad | Bright Future

This is the senior session for CVHS graduate, Mary. Even in times of crisis with a worldwide pandemic at the forefront of attention, life must continue to move forward. High School Seniors are still graduating, still making major life decisions, and still planning for the future. Mary is one of the hopeful, joyful young people… Read more »

Senior Guy | Gavin

Senior Guy Your Senior guy may not love the idea of having his senior portraits taken but you should not ignore this milestone! The next time he has his photographs taken by a professional may be many years down the road. Senior portraits are the perfect excuse to set your senior down in front of… Read more »

Clair Graduates

Biggest Complaints Do you want to know one of the biggest complaints that I hear from clients about big name photography studios in the Spokane/ CDA area?  Shhh, it’s a little dirty secret.  The biggest complaint is how we treat you during the process.  Not only do I do the same thing at a fraction… Read more »