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Photographing Men

Liberty Lake photographer Tami Siriani spent an evening getting to know Josh and photographing him for his senior portraits in Post Falls, ID. 

Yep, every single guy I’ve ever met just LOVES spending time having his picture taken. If you can’t hear the dripping sarcasm in that, there is no hope for you!   It’s important to get photographs of young men because they are generally uncooperative unless it centers around a perilous situation. The next  time a man is cooperative about having pictures taken is generally at a wedding, when most photographers are focused mostly on the bride. 

Location: Post Falls

Although I know he wasn’t looking forward to having his picture taken, Josh was a really good sport.  It didn’t take too long to win him over!  We started out in the early evening just before sunset in Post Falls.  I try really hard to get some photographs that include the warm rich tones of  sunsets here in WA state.  We drove around to a couple of locations in the area. I wanted to incorporate a rugged, uneven, manly look for Josh’s portraits.  When I drove past a pile of concrete, “Eureka”.  Afterward, we headed to an open field to get more sunset photographs because I can’t get enough.  After the sun really dipped below the mountains we headed to another park.  I found a grove of tall trees between two large rocks.  In the twilight, the canyon lent a haunting feeling in stark contrast to the mood of our earlier images. After that we headed back to a location that would showcase his truck. 

It was a fun evening for me and I’m really pleased with the images it produced.  I hope you’ll enjoying them as well!

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