Booking Senior Portraits

3 Things to look for when choosing a photographer

By Tami Siriani

So, you are looking for senior portraits! You have come to the right place! Choosing a photographer shouldn’t be so difficult, scroll down to find three things you should consider when booking a photographer.


Look for consistency when choosing your photographer. Do they have a body of work that demonstrates that they consistently take good photographs? With the quality of cameras available today, even on your phone, everyone can get a few great photographs. I mean EVERYONE. You need someone who can produce work you can count on to deliver quality work every time. A knowledgeable photographer will be able to produce good work in a short amount of time in difficult lighting situations.
How can you tell if your are booking a photographer who will consistently deliver? I would suggest you look at their blog for a large number of photographs of ONE person. Are all of the photographs in focus? Do the photographs have consistently good color? What do the posing and backgrounds look like in the complete session? Are the photographs edited well? A great photograph can be ruined if the editing is obvious. Skin smoothing and touch ups can be over done.

I’ve been providing seniors in the Spokane area with high quality portraits for over ten years. If you scroll through my blog, you will see that I put the same attention to detail into every single one of my clients! I want my seniors to have a variety of wonderful photographs to choose from! I pay attention to flattering my subject from the detailed posing instruction to the rich finished color. I am cautious with editing to give you flawless skin that does not look over processed.


Making a good connection with your photographer is also important. My goal for every session, is to connect with my subject because you will see that connection in my photographs. Do the people in the photographs look like they are connecting with you the viewer? They should. Not every photograph, not necessarily smiling. You should feel a spark of connection with you look at the work.

Managing how people feel about their time in front of the camera is my number one focus! You have my complete attention from the start to finish of your session. You should have a refreshing, fun session in front of my camera. I need to draw out the individual personality of my subject and make them feel at ease. I have been told by clients over the years that this is one of their favorite things about me! Enjoyable sessions show in the results!

You’ll get my very best. It’s my promise.

-Tami Siriani


When choosing a senior portrait photographer you should see the beauty of every individual. Everyone has an attractive feature. Did the photographer attempt to highlight that feature? Did the photographer work to get the best possible, most flattering version of their subject? A good photographer can work with the beautiful diversity in people and showcase the most attractive feature of every person.

I promise to flatter you and photograph you the way I would want to be photographed. My photographs will reveal what is beautiful about you. You’ll get my very best. It’s my promise. So, are you ready to book your session? Call today for Consistent, Connected, Beautiful senior portraits.

I provide unique personalized senior portraits and now is the time to book your appointment as most Inland Northwest school deadlines are October 2019. Don’t wait to book, appointments fill up and the good weather won’t last! Contact me about senior portraits now.

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