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I HATE photographs of myself.  There is a reason I am BEHIND the camera, it’s a way to hide without making excuses.  “I’ll take the photo” is a way to not be in the photo.  I am tired of looking at photographs and not feeling beautiful.  It was time to get out from behind my camera and prove that I actually exist. However, being in front of the camera is not enough.  I also want to like what I see.  I get it, I really do. It’s why I got into this business 9 years ago.

With two children and my youngest was 6, I looked around and realized that we had no family portraits.  It was so sad.  So, I called a huge number of photographers here in Spokane and explained that I was curvy woman. I asked a simple question, can you post me to look as good I can look? Call after call I had well known photographers here in Spokane tell me, “I don’t pose people” or “I do natural posing”.  I started to wonder what I was hiring these people to do.  I could take photographs of myself in a “natural” pose and we all know what that will end up looking like.  If this was the best Spokane could offer than… wow.  This business needs me.

So, I took on the challenge of photographing myself. You can see the results below.  If I can do this for myself, imagine what I can do for you.


I understand women.  They want to look at a photograph and feel beautiful.  I want that for the women in my photographs more than anything else.  I get it.  I am you.  I have worked for years to consistently improve how women look in photographs.  I love photographing women of ALL shapes, sizes, and ages.  You are beautiful at every phase in life.  I want desperately, desperately for you to see what is beautiful about you AND I WILL FIND IT.  I WILL find it. I can take women who have not been in front of the camera in a loooong time and change the way they feel about being photographed. I can do this for you, my dear.  I can.


So, I made a decision.  I am going to show women what is at the very heart of my photographs.  I want you to feel beautiful when you look at your photographs.  This Fall, I am going to put together some very special pricing for women who are willing to give me a chance to show you what I see.  Are you ready for a beautiful, contemporary, feminine portrait? Stay tuned for more details of these sessions for women who are camera-phobic. What can I do for you?   blogIMG_8294 blogIMG_8312 blogIMG_8296IMG_8335 IMG_8353