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 This month’s post is intimately personal because it’s me. I was compelled to participate in this challenge.  Not only did I turn  38 this month but  I haven’t been in front of a camera on purpose in a VERY long time!  I spent lots of time BEHIND a camera but in front?  Let the heart palpitations begin.  Where should I go?  What should I wear?  How?  When?  As the panic began to rise I put on my photographer hat and dispensed the usual advice.. to self!  Stay calm, ask yourself a few questions,  and follow the rules.  By the way, the rules for selecting your clothing can be found here: What To Wear blog entry.  After reminding myself of the rules, things started to calm down.  I wanted my session to say something about me but the temptation is to try and have it say EVERYTHING.  This line of thought inevitably leads to an overwhelming urge to get back BEHIND the camera! I finally realized that I couldn’t possibly say it all here and I shouldn’t try. So these photographs are my first attempt at a self portrait.

  I’m a child of the living God, (John 1:12). I’m a wife.  I’m a mother. I’m also a teacher, cook, house cleaner, chauffeur, reader of many books, lover of Pandora radio, drinker of lots of coffee with hazelnut creamer, photographer and many many other things!

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All photographs © Siriani Photography 2013.

Tami Siriani is a professional custom portrait photographer serving CDA, ID,  Post Falls, Liberty Lake,  Spokane Valley, Spokane, WA and surrounding areas.

A great deal of thought and planning goes into every session.  She places an emphasis on unique story telling images that are close and colorful.

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8 Responses to “Be Yourself | Spokane, WA | Siriani Photography”

  1. Pam Parisi

    You did a fabulous job and these are beautiful beautiful! Good for you for stepping in front of the camera! You nailed it!!!

  2. Deirdre

    These are beautiful, Tami! Definitely the hardest subject to photograph is oneself. Hope this is just the start of a whole series:)

  3. Amy

    You’re fabulous! This is like Beyonce fan hair and you’re rocking these shots!

  4. Siriani Photography

    Thanks ladies. I think my motto right now is “Go big or go home!”

  5. Brad

    Great selfies, Tami! The courage to get in front of the camera is tough. I guess it helps to remind us how our clients feel when some stranger is taking their pictures. Ha! These are great, and you should be proud!

    • Siriani Photography

      Brad, Thanks so much! It was a wonderful reminder, except there was no “me” to break the tension! My kids running through the scene, tripping over chords and dancing to Pandora did the trick!

  6. Susan Evans

    Wow! You look great, girl!

  7. Kim McPhail

    Your beautiful Tami!