Winter Engagement

A snowy winter engagement was just perfect for this sweet couple. The Spokane Valley sparkles during the winter months and this winter was no exception. Although it was cold, beside the river offered up the perfect backdrop for a romantic session. Alternatively, you wouldn’t think the winter would be a good time for these types of photographs but you would be mistaken. In fact, here is an article on how to get the most out of a winter engagement session. Photographers in other areas have to drive a long way to get what we have all winter long! There is no reason to shy away from engagement portraits at any time of year.

It’s better to embrace the cold than run from it. There are many article about really taking advantage of the cold months rather than waiting for the thaw. Additionally, here is another article with sample photographs during the winter months.


How do we get the most out of these sessions? I would suggest dressing for the weather. Don’t shy away from a warm coat, hats, and gloves for the bulk of the session. It’s important not to be so cold that you stop having fun. You can still snuggle to keep warm while wearing a jacket. Some couples chose to wear clothing that isn’t weather appropriate but I tend to think that looks a little silly. You really aren’t fooling anyone, we KNOW you are cold. Don’t be miserable. Again, the point of this article is to get to you embrace where you live, and the time of year you got engaged!

Finally, I would suggest finishing up the session indoors if possible so you can get a totally different look. We finished this session up inside Cabellas if you can believe it. We had a lot of fun posing in front of their incredible fish tank!

Winter Engagement. Liberty Lake, WA Photographer Tami Siriani.
Winter Engagement by Spokane Valley, WA Photographer Tami Siriani.

Vibrant Fall Mini Session in Spokane Valley

The Mini Session

The Mini Session this Fall was so fun! A vibrant and unusual Fall in Spokane Valley landed me some incredible portraits. What a delight it was to be able to photograph so many families during my Fall Mini Portraits! I had so many bookings that I had to schedule them for two weekends. A rare mid October snow forced me to reschedule a lot of families but with some lucky and flexible clients I was able to reschedule them and moved to the next super sunny weekend! It was awesome to see returning clients (oh how I love you returning clients) and meet some new incredible families!

The first weekend was bright and sunny, just perfect weather for family portraits. My mini sessions are a very affordable way to get family portraits done just before the Christmas season. It is also helpful for families with small children because the session lasts 15-20 minutes. You read that right, I got these adorable photographs in a very short frame (working with a professional photographer does have it’s benefits). It’s great for me because I get to set up in a dream location and photograph lots of families. Clients get a handful of incredible photographs at a price that doesn’t hurt the pocketbook!

This particular mini session is a Fall Family session but I offer several different types of sessions. Several years ago, I offered a Mom and Me Session in the Spring. Find me on Facebook to keep on top of upcoming sessions.

Is a Mini Session Right For Me?

Mini Sessions are great for clients because the difficult decisions are already made. Mini sessions generally have a theme picked. I choose the location, day, style, and feel of the photographs. You receive a handful of really great photographs (>10) and it was quick, easy, and affordable. You also have the ability to order the images in prints or wall galleries. Here is a peak of the 2019 Fall Mini Session. Here is a quick one from the Mommy & Me Mini Session 2018.

Why Choose A Regular Session?

Regular sessions are better for clients who want choices. You choose the location, day, and style of the photographs. Sessions are longer so we are able to get several different backgrounds/ locations within the area. When the session is complete, you are presented with an online gallery of images to choose from (usually at least 50). You choose the package that works best and have the ability to add to your package additional images. There are a variety of packages to choose from including prints and wall galleries.

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Best Portraits for Ashlee

Building Relationships

Recently, I had the opportunity to develop the best portraits for Spokane Valley Senior Ashlee. It was a very snowy, moody, and cold day but the photographs turned out to be one of my favorite Fall collections. Ashlee has a unique look and style and didn’t want the traditional shots. We were able to get a little creative while still showcasing her beauty and personality. Ashlee isn’t a silly girl. She is serious, creative, and self aware. She may not know what she wants but she knows what she doesn’t want. I think this is actually easier for me to work with this because I can avoid what she clearly doesn’t want and still be creative and take chances. Although it was a dark and cool day, the options for incredible variety in the background really shines through in this session.

Building Trust

One thing I need from my client is trust in order to be creative. Pushing the boundaries of each person because I can see what they can’t see but still maintain the integrity of who I’m photographing. Ashlee was able to trust me to showcase the most beautiful things about her and there were many. She has incredible green eyes. Her choice of the green dress accentuated her large green eyes and helped me draw a good contrast when we placed her against the brick. Although she wanted more serious photographs, she also has a beautiful smile.

Every decision I made for this session was with Ashlee in mind to get her best portraits. Creating something specifically for her was the entire goal of our time together. I hope she enjoyed the session as much as I did.

Find Out More

For more information on how to prepare for a senior session with me, click the link above. Be sure to click through this blog and look at other seniors to find the best style for you. Leave me a message or comment below to get your best portraits.

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Playing Favorites | Gracie Girl

Playing favorites

Yes, I’m playing favorites and I just can’t help myself. This gorgeous Amazonian woman is the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends. In June, I had three stunning women swing by for a visit to the beautiful Pacific Northwest from the East Coast. Along with a nonstop week of fun, no sleep, and shenanigans, I slipped in a photography session with Gracie.

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Playing Favorites!

“Explore. Dream. Discover.”

-Mark Twain

Embracing the Year

2020-2021 is Gracie’s senior year in her North Carolina high school. As with all seniors, it’s been a tough year but she is a trooper! She is a talented singer and sweet as can be. She is also super tall, which in my family is practically the best thing you can be! When I discovered that she was headed into her senior year of high school, they couldn’t stop me from doing what I do! Because she is the daughter of a dear friend we were able to do practically an all day and night shoot. We started out not too far from my home with sweeping views of the Valley and the tall grass plums that I’ve come to depend on here in the PNW.

New Roads

It’s not difficult to see the symbolism of the road in senior portraits. At the end of this year, this beautiful young woman is gazing into an amazing journey of adventure. Mark Twain said it best, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

After a rest, food, and clean up we headed back out and hit up the Downtown area for some night photography. We hit up all the best spots! The It was a long day but really fun. I enjoyed our visit and the ability to grab some great shots of this lovely lady. See more seniors in the senior gallery. Here is another recent day to night session, check out Katherine’s gallery.

Playing Favorites

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Maternity & Newborn, Children, Family, Senior Portraits, Headshots, School Portraits

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