IHF- Photo Challenge- Beautiful Eyes! { Spokane Child Photographer}


  My kids take being super heroes very seriously!  Yes, that is how we roll.  Batman happens to be a favorite and he has made appearances in the grocery stores, restaurants, playgrounds, and even the local movie theater. He is brave and fearless.  He will, on occasion, sign an autograph.  He may even blast into the sunset- cape waving in the wind.   I have even found my green-eyed monster sound asleep but properly masked!  There is no situation too grave for his skill or talent.  Our home would be incomplete without a bucket of costumes and vats of face paint waiting in the wings for the slightest emergency!
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  1. Holly

    How cool! I love this – gorgeous eyes, and it looks like it was a fun photo shoot!! 🙂

  2. skye snyder

    Holy Batman–Awesome! Great entry 🙂

  3. Summer

    Sky Snyder stole my comment!

    Great photo! It is a fun one too :O)

  4. Mel Karlberg

    Well, *I* feel safer – that is one serious super hero! Well done!!!

Spokane Photographer | I hear Jerusalem Bells Are Ringing {Siriani Photography}

I have heard talk about the lighting in desert regions but had never really experienced it until recently.  I just returned from a two week visit to Israel and Palestine. The light has a mystical quality as it bounces from the ocean blue sky to the marble buildings and desert terrain. It was a huge trip and I was very worried about dragging my bulky Canon 5D Mark II through the check points along with my two small children.  I took these photos with a point and shoot that fit into my pocket.  My emotions about having to use this small camera ranged from absolute elation (because of the small size) to supreme irritation because I didn’t have enough flexibility with my settings.

My family has been planning this trip for over 10 years and about a month ago we just decided to do it!  So, off we went on a 38 hour trip beginning in Spokane, WA and ending in Jerusalem.  We were bright eyed and happy on Tuesday morning when we set off at 4 am but by Thursday as we watched the sun rise over Ben Gurion airport, the thrill was slightly dampened. Needless to say, after a few days we were off and drove all over the country!  We hiked to the top of Mt. Herodian and the Mount of Olives on foot, walked the streets of Jerusalem, and even rode a camel in Jericho.  Here are just a few of the over 500 images that I took! It was an unforgettable experience. Hearing the bells ringing in Jerusalem was the most amazing sound! It was a wonderful trip and a great study of light.  I can’t tell you how glad that I am to be back at home and able to use my favorite camera!  I have gained an amazing experience.  I am ready to tackle some new projects and get the senior portrait sessions and wedding season rolling!  I hope you enjoyed some of the photos from our trip! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem Psalms 122:6


All images are © Siriani Photography.  Please respect my artistic integrity and my work.  Do not copy, print, or reproduce in any manner.  You may; however, share this post.




Spokane Newborn Photographer | Newborn Etiquette {Siriani Photography}

All images are © Siriani Photography 2011
Photographing newborns is not for everyone.  It should be easy.  It should be quick.  It should be alot of things… but it isn’t.  The first time I set out to do a newborn set was with my own newborn.  I set everything up for an absolutely adorable photograph and plopped my newborn in and guess what?  He would not close his little crossed eyes, he wouldn’t curl up, and he just didn’t look like the sweet cherub-faced angel that he should have.  I just didn’t get it.

When I started my professional career, I struggled with  “newborn wrangling”.  It seemed an illusive, secret art that I just couldn’t master.  I fumbled through quite a few newborn sessions before I stumbled on some secrets.  Ok, get out your notebook because I am going to spill the beans… ready?  The secret is: 10 days.  The magic number for getting the absolute BEST photographs of your newborn is getting to the studio before that 10 day mark.  This is a tough one because new parents are tired. The good news is that all you  have to do is show up.  You don’t have to get all dressed up, you don’t have to be in the photos (unless you want to).  You just have to bring your beautiful newbie to the studio and I will take care of everything!  You just sit and relax,while I work my magic.

This is baby R.  She was 6 days old when these photos where taken.  She slept through our entire session.  She was a perfect angel.  Baby R’s parents wanted to be photographed with her which made from some amazing shots! The props you see are mine and you can have your newborn taken with any of the items you see here and I have a LARGE variety of additional props that are not show here.  I also rent antique props from a terrific antique business, Yesterday and Today Antiques.  Y&T is  located in the brand new ultra hip store Artemis check it out!

I have some terrific friends and family whose generosity has overwhelmed me!   A dear family friend graciously made me the absolutely DARLING crochet hats you see pictured here.  Thank you Anna, they really made my photos!  The gorgeous couture headband was a Christmas gift from a friend (thank you love!).  Check out more amazing hair accessories like it handmade by Bella Saraceno.  Finally a big big thank you to my sister (♥♥♥) who is an AMAZING designer.  She put together quite a few of my props and back drops.  She also stayed up all night before the shoot finishing the moss blanket – doesn’t it look real????  Thank you ladies for being a part of making my business successful.  I feel so loved!

Ok, ok… here are the photos.  All images are © Siriani Photography 2011.  It is a violation of copyright laws to copy these images.

All images are © Siriani Photography 2011

All images are © Siriani Photography 2011

All images are © Siriani Photography 2011

All images are © Siriani Photography 2011

All images are © Siriani Photography 2011

For more information or to book an appointment:  www.sirianiphotography.com• 509-893-4160 •

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  1. Jacquie Walter

    Ok I’m sold!! Where can I sign up to get Gracie photographed by you? Those pics of baby R are ADORABLE!!!! C & M look pretty amazing as well 🙂

  2. Lane Cupp

    Great blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

IHF- Best Face of March- Photo Challenge

I Heart Faces is a photography site for education, networking, and inspiration!  I have always wanted to participate in one of the challenges and this will be my first entry.  The contest is for your best face taken during the month of May.  This photograph is called “Pure Joy” because that is what his expression says to me! This photo was taken on the first day of sunshine in the month of March here in Spokane.  This photo has zero editing, it is straight out of the camera, I just rounded the corners ( an AMAZING freebie from the CoffeeShop blog) and added the logo. The photo with the most votes wins!  Good luck to everyone! to vote for me photo #319 and check out other amazing photos click the iheartfaces icon below!


Check out the other photos at http://www.iheartfaces.com/2011/04/peoples-choice-march/


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  1. Lsquare

    You’re right about the emotion this shot shows—and I love the spiky hair, too!…