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When your session ends, my work begins. The work done in my office, after your session, is equally important for a fantastic end product. Clients don’t realize how much time is actually spent in what I call “post production”. There are a variety of services that I offer my clients. I would like to share them with you.


Have you ever noticed that DaVinci’s Mona Lisa is blemish free? No? It is probably because like the rest of the world, you are mesmerized by her amazing smile. DaVinci didn’t paint Mona Lisa’s flaws. Why? Because she didn’t want to be remembered with a blemish and neither do you! I am a firm believer that a portrait is not much of a portrait without professional retouching. It should enhance a person’s best feature like eyes, hair, or an unforgettable smile *wink wink *! Good editing is almost unnoticeable and should NEVER, I mean NEVER look like plastic. People don’t realize how much work is done behind the scenes by a good professional photographer. Professional touch ups can include (when necessary) smoothing the complexion, removing any bruising or blemishes, and brightening the smile. I want you to look your best. When you look good, I look good. This is why retouching is included in all of my photography packages at no additional cost. Below is an example of retouching.  The image on the right is the retouched photo and as you can see subtle is the key.

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Artistic Rendering

Artistic rendering is another popular service with clients. These include dramatic color alterations, including traditional black & white, sepia, high contrast, lomo, vintage, and many others. I also have the ability to add an infinite number of textures to the photo for a one of a kind look. I generally include this in every package. The photograph you see below is shown in with a linen texure (top) and black and white (bottom).



Storyboards are combinations of photographs from the session put into a specific order to tell your story. This can be done with any photography session but it is especially popular with engagement and wedding photographs. This service can be added to any package for an additional fee.

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Graphic Design Services

I am also proud to be able to offer graphic design services from simple services like collaging images and adding names, to more complex designs like birth and save the date announcements, holiday cards, etc. This service can be added to any package for an additional fee.All images © Siriani Photography 2011 Do not re-post, copy or print


Spokane Newborn Photographer |Baby R {Siriani Photography}


I’m a bit behind!  Here are some photos from a session with Baby R! Baby R was about a month old for his photographic debut.  We did things a little differently because he was much more alert than a brand newbie.  Instead of squishing him into crazy props, we did this shoot in mom’s arms to keep him happy.  We did manage to lull him off to sleep long enough to snap his sweet sleepy face.  His amazing blue eyes were worth the wait!

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Spokane Newborn Photographer | Newborn Etiquette {Siriani Photography}

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Photographing newborns is not for everyone.  It should be easy.  It should be quick.  It should be alot of things… but it isn’t.  The first time I set out to do a newborn set was with my own newborn.  I set everything up for an absolutely adorable photograph and plopped my newborn in and guess what?  He would not close his little crossed eyes, he wouldn’t curl up, and he just didn’t look like the sweet cherub-faced angel that he should have.  I just didn’t get it.

When I started my professional career, I struggled with  “newborn wrangling”.  It seemed an illusive, secret art that I just couldn’t master.  I fumbled through quite a few newborn sessions before I stumbled on some secrets.  Ok, get out your notebook because I am going to spill the beans… ready?  The secret is: 10 days.  The magic number for getting the absolute BEST photographs of your newborn is getting to the studio before that 10 day mark.  This is a tough one because new parents are tired. The good news is that all you  have to do is show up.  You don’t have to get all dressed up, you don’t have to be in the photos (unless you want to).  You just have to bring your beautiful newbie to the studio and I will take care of everything!  You just sit and relax,while I work my magic.

This is baby R.  She was 6 days old when these photos where taken.  She slept through our entire session.  She was a perfect angel.  Baby R’s parents wanted to be photographed with her which made from some amazing shots! The props you see are mine and you can have your newborn taken with any of the items you see here and I have a LARGE variety of additional props that are not show here.  I also rent antique props from a terrific antique business, Yesterday and Today Antiques.  Y&T is  located in the brand new ultra hip store Artemis check it out!

I have some terrific friends and family whose generosity has overwhelmed me!   A dear family friend graciously made me the absolutely DARLING crochet hats you see pictured here.  Thank you Anna, they really made my photos!  The gorgeous couture headband was a Christmas gift from a friend (thank you love!).  Check out more amazing hair accessories like it handmade by Bella Saraceno.  Finally a big big thank you to my sister (♥♥♥) who is an AMAZING designer.  She put together quite a few of my props and back drops.  She also stayed up all night before the shoot finishing the moss blanket – doesn’t it look real????  Thank you ladies for being a part of making my business successful.  I feel so loved!

Ok, ok… here are the photos.  All images are © Siriani Photography 2011.  It is a violation of copyright laws to copy these images.

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All images are © Siriani Photography 2011

All images are © Siriani Photography 2011

All images are © Siriani Photography 2011

All images are © Siriani Photography 2011

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  1. Jacquie Walter

    Ok I’m sold!! Where can I sign up to get Gracie photographed by you? Those pics of baby R are ADORABLE!!!! C & M look pretty amazing as well 🙂

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    Great blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

The what-what- Personal Post {Spokane Photographer}

Whoa!  It has been a whirlwind- the past couple of weeks.  I have been getting ready for a new baby in our family (my niece).  If your family is like mine, we CELEBRATE a baby and it is a family affair.  I cleared my April schedule to make sure that I had time to throw a baby shower and get ready for baby.  So two weeks ago I buckled down to make final preparations for the party and make the cake.  .  So I spent that week baking yellow cake (from scratch), and whipping up butter cream frosting, and kneading pounds and pounds of white fondant (also from scratch).  After using every dish in my kitchen, and sprinkling an even white dusting of powdered sugar from ceiling to floor, the cake was done. Let me just stop and give a shout out to my sister. She spent an entire day helping put the cake together and keeping me from a total and utter melt down.  I am thrilled that it was edible and it looked pretty good.  The shower went off without a hitch and we all went home to rest… but not for long!

A phone call in the wee hours of morning last Thursday chirped that baby was on the way (three weeks EARLY)!  Yikes, off to the hospital with camera in tow.  I was so blessed to be able to photograph my beautiful 6 lb niece just minutes after she made her debut.  What a baby doll! We will be doing her first modeling shoot later in the week so stay tuned!

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IHF- Best Face of March- Photo Challenge

I Heart Faces is a photography site for education, networking, and inspiration!  I have always wanted to participate in one of the challenges and this will be my first entry.  The contest is for your best face taken during the month of May.  This photograph is called “Pure Joy” because that is what his expression says to me! This photo was taken on the first day of sunshine in the month of March here in Spokane.  This photo has zero editing, it is straight out of the camera, I just rounded the corners ( an AMAZING freebie from the CoffeeShop blog) and added the logo. The photo with the most votes wins!  Good luck to everyone! to vote for me photo #319 and check out other amazing photos click the iheartfaces icon below!


Check out the other photos at http://www.iheartfaces.com/2011/04/peoples-choice-march/


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  1. Lsquare

    You’re right about the emotion this shot shows—and I love the spiky hair, too!…