CVHS 2021 Grad | Bright Future

This is the senior session for CVHS graduate, Mary. Even in times of crisis with a worldwide pandemic at the forefront of attention, life must continue to move forward. High School Seniors are still graduating, still making major life decisions, and still planning for the future. Mary is one of the hopeful, joyful young people moving forward with life. She is bound for Eastern in the Fall with a bright future ahead.


Senior Guy | Gavin

Senior Guy

Your Senior guy may not love the idea of having his senior portraits taken but you should not ignore this milestone! The next time he has his photographs taken by a professional may be many years down the road. Senior portraits are the perfect excuse to set your senior down in front of the camera.

Part I

It’s August of 2020 and the warm Spokane summer sun is setting on the campus of Central Valley High School. A gentle breeze keeps the temperature a pleasant 75 degrees. I pulled into the back of the school overlooking one of the athletic fields and load all of my equipment into a blue collapsible wheeled caddy. This caddy has been a life saver as I tend to overpack for literally everything in my life. The caddy, loaded with 100 lbs of gear lumbers slowly through the tuffs of grass as I cross the athletic field toward the baseball stadium. Walking in the distance is a young man and his family. They are carrying typical baseball gear. We greet one another and begin our session.

Gavin is an especially pleasant and smiley person. We spent about an hour doing photographs behind the school, near the field, and in the bleachers. We add some “action” photographs and the look of determination on Gavin’s face as he strikes the ball with his bat turns out to be my favorite photograph in the series. This first part has been a success.


Clair Graduates

Biggest Complaints

Do you want to know one of the biggest complaints that I hear from clients about big name photography studios in the Spokane/ CDA area?  Shhh, it’s a little dirty secret.  The biggest complaint is how we treat you during the process.  Not only do I do the same thing at a fraction of the price, I treat you like you deserve, a VIP. You believe a good photographer will be responsive and get back to you quickly. Guess what?  I agree with you.  It’s one of the reasons that I am a small boutique firm.  I think that when you book an appointment with me that you deserve a few things. Additionally, I believe that you should get my freshest, most creative efforts for your newborn, child, senior, or family appointment.


The Small Studio Difference


Do you want to know one of the most common complaints that I hear from clients about big name photography studios in the Spokane/ CDA area?  Shhh, it’s a dirty little secret.  The biggest complaint is the way customers are treated during the process.  You spent thousands of dollars on photography and expect royal treatment. You believe that your images should be turned back to you in a timely manner and that your photographer should be responsive.