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The Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions are the best! We are having a vibrant and unusual Fall in Spokane Valley this year! What a delight it was to be able to photograph so many families during last years Fall Mini Portraits! It makes me look forward to this year! It is the perfect opportunity to see returning clients (oh how I love you returning clients) and meet some new incredible families! This year’s session is schedule for October 9, 2021 at Minnehaha Park. This park is extraordinary for fall colors as it is a wash of yellow with spectacular light this time of year.

mini sessions

How Does the Process Work?

You arrive a few minutes early dressed and ready to shoot! My portraits always include photo editing. I take the time to retouch the photos to give you a flawless appearance. This can include blemish and small bruise removal, teeth, whitening and a variety of additional minor re-touching at my discretion.  In thirty (30) days or sooner your images will be available.  You will be provided with an online gallery of 5-7 images hand selected by me ready for immediate download. View the galleries on my website under the VIP tab.

Session vs Full Session

You may be wondering what the difference is between a mini session and a full session.  Should you prefer to book a full session, please let me know and we can discuss available dates. First, a Mini Session offers you great photographs but with a little less flexibility.  During a mini session, the photographer choses, the theme, day, time, and location of the shoot. The photographer will also hand select a set of 5-7 portraits for you.  Finally, the session is simple, with few choices to make.  This session works for families who like to have photographs more frequently or who have a smaller budget.  It is a very easy session.

The full session offers a great deal of flexibility.  Depending on the session, you can choose the theme, day, time, and location of the shoot.  You are also provided with an online gallery of images with the ability to select your favorites and even upgrade your package at any time.  This session includes a great deal of variety and can accommodate a small or large group.  The session is 60 minutes and provides a large variety of poses and backgrounds. 

Terms and Conditions

Your session price includes the photographer’s preparation, travel, photographic services, editing time and a package of digital images.  All portrait sessions include blemish removal, touch ups, and teeth whitening at the photographer’s discretion. 

Is a Mini Session Right For Me?

Mini Sessions are great for clients because the difficult decisions are already made. Mini sessions generally have a theme picked. I choose the location, day, style, and feel of the photographs. You receive a handful of really great photographs (>10) and it was quick, easy, and affordable. You also have the ability to order the images in prints or wall galleries. Here is a peak of the 2019 Fall Mini Session. Here is a quick one from the Mommy & Me Mini Session 2018.

Why Choose A Regular Session?

Regular sessions are better for clients who want choices. You choose the location, day, and style of the photographs. Sessions are longer so we are able to get several different backgrounds/ locations within the area. When the session is complete, you view them in an online gallery and choose your favorites. You choose the package that works best and have the ability to add to your package additional images. There are a variety of packages to choose from including prints and wall galleries.

The End Product

These images you will treasure, share and show in your home for a lifetime. Additionally, I am pleased to offer professional high quality prints. The end result of professional printing is rich color, expanded choices from size to textures and specialty coating to protect your photographs.  I can help you create an artistic display for your home that will blend seamlessly with your decor. Products sold include prints, books, and canvases and a variety of other items. You can print the digital images at any printer of your choice with the signed print release, although the quality will be greatly affected by the printer you chose. I suggest printing your images in luster or matte finish as it provides the most attractive end product. 

Ready to Book?

Contact me today to reserve your appointment, there are only a few spaces remaining!

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