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Little did I know that a bittersweet loss would blossom into a new friend. In 2010, this young woman moved into the house next door with her family. My family was grieving over the loss of the previous owner, who had become more than a close friend. It had taken a very long time to make a friend in our neighborhood.  Watching our dear friend pack up her home and  move away was heartbreaking.  When Tiffany’s family moved in, I was determined that they would feel welcome.  It wasn’t going to take months or years to make a friend! About two minutes after they arrived,  I shouted across the back fence at her mother, a boisterous, “Welcome to the neighborhood, if you need anything please let us know.”  I imagine today that my attempt at being friendly was probably terrifying!  Needless to say, over a very short time, we were friends.  As luck would have it, boisterous fence yelling was just their style! Both of our families have since moved to new homes but we have remained friends (to my delight)!  It was so exciting for me to be able to photograph her!

In August, we drove out to some private property owned by a family friend. It was a beautiful man-made pond in the middle of farm fields. Although it had been raining, the sky cleared into a beautiful night!   We spent a couple of hours photographing Tiffany at different point in and around the pond.


Tami Siriani is a camera artist serving the Inland Northwest with close and colorful portraits that flatter every face and figure!

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