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I mentor photographers. I teach professionals, amateurs, and camera enthusiasts how to take better pictures. If you’ve ever asked yourself, what does this button do? Struggling with consistency? I can help.

During the mentoring session below, I met with Sue (name changed for privacy). She purchased a really nice camera for herself spent several months struggling to learn how to use it. She purchased photography instruction books and some online classes but still wasn’t able to grasp just how to use her camera. We booked a couple of sessions together and then took out my lovely model Jordyn to practice what we learned. One-on-one mentoring is a really effective way to learn all about using your camera! If you have struggled with consistency and you worry that you won’t get the shot, this is the opportunity for you! I can assist you with photography for portrait, landscape, sports, family, and much more!

We can work on what you want to cover! Finish up your session by watching me photograph the model. You can learn alot by shadowing a professional during a real session. If you pay attention you can learn about posing, how to get the most out of your client, lighting, camera positioning and settings, etc. Plus, we have so much fun!

Mentoring sessions include:

  1. Basic Training in Camera Usage
  2. Hands-on practice with a real model
  3. Stick around and shadow me while I complete a session with the model (see results from my session with one of my favorite models: Jordyn.

Taken During Shadowing Portion of Mentoring Session
Photographs (© Tami Siriani Photography)
Model: Jordyn

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Workshops and Mentoring with Tami Siriani Photography
Workshops and Mentoring with Tami Siriani Photography
Workshops and Mentoring with Tami Siriani Photography

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