IHF- Photo Challenge- Beautiful Eyes! { Spokane Child Photographer}


  My kids take being super heroes very seriously!  Yes, that is how we roll.  Batman happens to be a favorite and he has made appearances in the grocery stores, restaurants, playgrounds, and even the local movie theater. He is brave and fearless.  He will, on occasion, sign an autograph.  He may even blast into the sunset- cape waving in the wind.   I have even found my green-eyed monster sound asleep but properly masked!  There is no situation too grave for his skill or talent.  Our home would be incomplete without a bucket of costumes and vats of face paint waiting in the wings for the slightest emergency!
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6 Responses to “IHF- Photo Challenge- Beautiful Eyes! { Spokane Child Photographer}”

  1. Holly

    How cool! I love this – gorgeous eyes, and it looks like it was a fun photo shoot!! 🙂

  2. skye snyder

    Holy Batman–Awesome! Great entry 🙂

  3. Summer

    Sky Snyder stole my comment!

    Great photo! It is a fun one too :O)

  4. Mel Karlberg

    Well, *I* feel safer – that is one serious super hero! Well done!!!