Reasons You Need New Headshots

Good Headshots Can Make All The Difference 

Good headshots can really make all the difference. You know what they say about first impressions.  Like your customer, you probably head to the internet for more information when researching a business.  Increasingly, a solid presence on the web is crucial for your business. 

We are a visual culture and according to research  60% of people researching online will choose a company that includes photographs on the corporate website.  That means over half of people make a decision on whether to do business with you based on an image. 

How Important Are Professional Headshots?

Business decisions are made in a few seconds using the photographs on your website. If you have outdated or low quality photographs, your competitor already has the advantage. It is the first connection with your customer. I know you may be tempted to pull out your cell phone and take a couple of quick shots; however, is this really the place to save money? 

“60% of people researching online will choose a company that includes photographs.”

The Professional Difference

Professional headshots of your team mean that you put your best foot forward for your potential clients. It sends a message that you care about the quality and content of your work. A professional photographer knows how to light, pose, and properly represent your brand. There is no substitute for a professional’s ability to help you appear relaxed and personable. The quality of the photographs should be an asset not a distraction.

Updating My Headshot

Accurately representing yourself is just as important as a quality headshot.  You should update your headshots every two years or sooner if you have made significant changes. Did you color your hair, loose weight, or change your branding? Is the style of your facial hair or clothing up to date? Your cut out vacation photo or selfie are fine for social media but let’s face it, they aren’t professional or good for your brand. Do you have the same team working with you?  Does your headshot reflect your new role and confidence? Time changes our appearance and it’s important to accurately represent yourself and give your company a fresh new look as well. 

What Can I Do For You?

Your company’s image is very important to me.  I use professional lighting and careful posing to give you the absolute best results and reflect your branding. You can select form a neutral background for a uniform look, or environmental portraits (in your office or on location), or the very popular outdoor portraits.  You can select the look that best fits your branding. Additionally, I will be professional, prepared, and work to demonstrate the unique personality and skills of your staff. I have a quick turn around time.


All of my portraits include retouching and are available in a digital format.  Afterward, you will have the ability to easily download the high resolution digital images and have both usage and print rights for social media, web and print services. 

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