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Big Family Sessions

I’m not shy when it comes to photographing big groups!  I love the idea that my photograph of your family will hang on grandma’s wall and bring her joy every time she sees it!  By booking with your extended family you get the rare opportunity for a full family portrait.  How long has that been?  I photograph my extended family (all 44 of them ) every Thanksgiving because you never know if it will be the last year that we are together.  Life happens.  During a multi-family session, I generally photograph as many combinations of people as I can including the big group, siblings, the grandparents and grandchildren, each family, and even each individual!  The best part is not only do you get a huge group photo, but you also knock out your family portraits.  In addition, there is a significant savings as I allow you to purchase one big package all together and share the cost!.  This makes your session VERY affordable. Scoll to the very end to see an example of a full session. There are a variety of amazing locations to chose from.  Keep in mind that Fall leaves are prime during the month of October.  In November, generally the leaves are gone but awesome photograph sessions are NOT!  We can always find an amazing location, especially since I tend to think out of the box!  I have photographed families in  many locations from CDA to downtown Spokane.  The snow is right around the corner and that makes for extremely flattering photographs!  Want to find out more? Click the link below!

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Spokane Family Photography | Large Group

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A great deal of thought and planning goes into every session.  She places an emphasis on unique story telling images that are close and colorful. Winter sessions are booked during the weekends.

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