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Trucks & Grads Post Falls- Pt. 2 | Spokane Valley Senior Photographer | Tami Siriani

Photographing Men Liberty Lake photographer Tami Siriani spent an evening getting to know Josh and photographing him for his senior portraits in Post Falls, ID.  Yep, every single guy I’ve ever met just LOVES spending time having his picture taken. If you can’t hear the dripping sarcasm in that, there is no hope for you!  … Read more »

Beautiful Julia | Spokane Senior Portraits | Tami Siriani Photography

  Spokane, WA Senior Girl Here is the very lovely Julia! We met at three separate locations for Julia’s senior portraits.  We started at her home and then moved to a local park.  We finished up our session with the sweeping views of the Spokane High Bridges.  I love the first image with her hair… Read more »

I hate photographs of me | siriani photography

MY STORY I HATE photographs of myself.  There is a reason I am BEHIND the camera, it’s a way to hide without making excuses.  “I’ll take the photo” is a way to not be in the photo.  I am tired of looking at photographs and not feeling beautiful.  It was time to get out from… Read more »

Is Your Photographer Client Friendly? | siriani photography

Dear Complaint Department, Do you want to know one of the most common complaints that I hear from clients about big name photography studios in the Spokane/ CDA area?  Shhh, it’s a little dirty secret.  The biggest complaint has to do with how the customer is treated during the process.  You think when you spend… Read more »