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Trucks & Grads Post Falls- Pt. 2

Photographing Men Liberty Lake photographer Tami Siriani spent an evening getting to know Josh and photographing him for his senior portraits in Post Falls, ID.  Yep, every single guy I’ve ever met just LOVES spending time having his picture taken. If you can’t hear the dripping sarcasm in that, there is no hope for you!  … Read more »

cda senior | siriani photography

cda beauty Here is a lovely senior from CDA. If you don’t live around here, you probably don’t know that Spokane Valley is less than 5 miles from the Idaho border.  This means we share a lot of things, like cheap gas (Idaho) and tax free food purchases (Washington).  When you live near the border… Read more »

spokane valley senior | siriani photography

Spokane Valley Senior We have a bunch of high schools here in Spokane Valley jam packed with graduating seniors!  I feel fortunate to be able to photograph a few of them every year.  This lovely senior girl will be graduating next spring.  Her senior session was a day to night senior session.  We began the… Read more »

Dress For Senior Portraits – 3 Easy Steps

Read for your Senior portraits? Navigating the scary waters of  how to dress for senior portrait can be daunting.  After all, your portrait will be hanging on the walls of your home like an art show piece for years to come!  This is the biggest, scariest part of booking someone to do your photography but… Read more »

Jordyn ~ Spokane Senior | 2014

This what can be accomplished with a willing participant, a great wardrobe, and two hours of time!  This was a day to night session with a Spokane Senior.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  The sunset image is spectacular on a metal print!  Beautiful Jordyn is a senior girl from Spokane Valley.  All of… Read more »