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Baby photos…

Booking a baby photos with me is so fun and easy! There are lots of different types of sessions you can schedule. A first birthday cake smash is a classic first birthday set up. I have lots of examples of this on the blog. Here is one during the Christmas holiday. Alternatively, you can capture some baby photos during your family sessions like this family or this family. A complete fantasy setup is always a pleasure as well, book in my home studio. Click here for a princess setup. I have many example of baby photo ideas on this blog. You could also do a less formal session like a lifestyle session. You can see an example of this type of session in this blog post: First Year Baby H. or another session with Baby H called: Baby’s Big Day. Additionaly, find a gallery of images on my website.

baby photos birthday
Hungry Caterpillar Themed Session

Document your baby’s first year by booking sessions individually or plan ahead with a series of photos that includes photos, digitals, and announcements. Check out the Baby Photo Plans for details.

Cake Smash Baby Photos
Baby Photos Cake Smash

 How does the process work?

I love to use props that represent you and your family when appropriate.  Please feel free to bring athletic gear, instruments, or meaningful objects. If you have small children, please be sure to bring a small snack, drink (clear liquid) and a comfort item or favorite toy.  

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The End Product

The extraordinary images produced by a custom photography session are meant to be treasured for a lifetime.  Whether you share prints, create multimedia displays or and use them to decorate the wall of your home, these images are sure to bring a smile to your face.  It is a pleasure to provide professional high quality prints. The quality of a professional print exposed on light sensitive paper is a superior product to what you can print yourself. The end result of professional printing is rich color, expanded choices from size to textures and specialty coating to protect your photographs.  Create an artistic display for your home that you will blend seamlessly with your decor and show off your unique family. 

Digital images may be printed at any printer of your choice with the signed print release. Please note that the quality of the print is greatly affected by the printer you chose.  Additionally, I can provide superior, high quality prints. I suggest printing your images in luster or matte finish as it provides the most attractive end product. 

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